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About Oman Air Cargo

  • The Oman Air Cargo was launched in Mar 2009 and is in the process of being defined as a brand.


    A key driver for the immediate success of our cargo sales was the decision to work with professional General Sales & Service Agents to market our product. While airlines previously opted to use GSSAs out of despair rather than out of conviction we have re-defined the relationship with our partners, making them a serious part of the team and business process. Cargo share in the overall Oman Air's revenues has improved from less than 1% to 12% of the overall from 2008 to 2010.


    The web-based IT-platform 'Cargo Wings' System, chosen in early 2009 and gone live on 1st Feb 2011 enables Oman Air Cargo to create the basis of an integrated process linking our Planning, Sales, Handling, Capacity Control, Pricing and Accounting – which include our external partners, GSSAs and GHAs alike. As we progress we will look for more sophisticated revenue management tools.


    Oman Air Cargo has plans to introduce a range of value-added products for our logistics customers e.g. Express, Courier, Cool Chain, Valuables, etc. Oman Air will work towards improving the existing infrastructure at the Muscat Hub to offer special handling services besides the current airport-to-airport product. As part of the Cargo Wings system implementation process the CTU model will be implemented. This will have direct interface with the operating system of Oman Air Cargo which communicates with our system and Customs worldwide.


    Despite of the difficult environment, Oman Air Cargo has been able to make significant inroads into online and off-line markets since 2009 and Cargo Industry is slowly but surely recognizing Oman Air as a serious partner for air cargo logistics. With the potential of the Sultanate of Oman and development plans of Muscat and Salalah, we are prepared to capitalize on the potentials yielded by the expanding Oman Air's fleet and network – for passenger and cargo services.

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