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New Passenger Terminal Building

Distance between the old and new terminal

  • The new passenger terminal building is not very far from the old terminal.
  • In fact, there are several routes through which you can reach the new passenger terminal easily such as 18 November Street, Express High Way, and Sultan Qaboos Street.
  • For the convenience of the passengers and visitors, there are signboards on the highway/expressway and Sultan Qaboos Street indicating the direction to the new passenger terminal building.

Drive through to the New Terminal

  • The new terminal can be accessed from the 3 main routes - 18th November street, Sultan Qaboos Street and Express High way. All these routes connect the guests to the main bridge of the new passenger terminal.
  • There are two main entry points as one drives through the main airport bridge – namely, the departure level entry and the arrival level entry, with the departure level above the arrival level.
  • There are 2 types of car parks available up on arrival to the airport terminal which are long term and short term car park.

Enter the new terminal

When you reach or are dropped off at the Departure Level, there are 3 entrances in front of you.

  • Entrance A: for all Airlines Business Class which will lead the Oman Air guests to Oman Air First and Business Class Check-in Lounge and other airlines’ Business Class guests to their check in counters.
  • Entrance B for Oman Air Economy Class and
  • Entrance C for all other Airlines’ Economy Class.
  • Any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

As you enter

  • All Economy Class Guests will be lead to the economy class check-in area.
  • The twelve counters each of C and D (C1 to C12 and D1 to D12) are exclusively for Oman Air.
  • E1 to E12 is for other lines.
  • During the peak hours Oman Air will utilise the E counters as well.

Check-in Facilities

First and Business Class check in services

  • Oman Air’s First & Business class passengers will be served separately through 12 check-in counters and 3 supervisor counters named A1 to A12.
  • For other airlines’ Business Class check in counters available are B1 to B12.
  • Oman Air First & Business Class Check-in area will be display the fine theme of Oman and Oman Air hospitality.
  • The unique service at the check-in area will provide the guests with premium concierge services. At the tastefully decorated premium check-in waiting area guests will not only be provided comfortable seating but will also be served soft drinks, as they wait to finish the check-in process.
  • There are three security screening devices exclusively for J and F class passengers.

Economy class services

  • Oman Air Economy class check-in counters are located at C & D with 24 counters totally and 6 service & Supervision counters.
  • In addition, if the passenger load is very high during peak hours, Oman Air can use the 12 counters at E section.
  • Apart from the normal check-in counters self-check-in kiosk also is available.
  • There are six security screening devices for Y class passengers


Oman Air First & business class Guests can enjoy the unique Omani and Oman Air hospitality at the stylish Premium Lounges located above the Muscat Duty Free and next to the airside hotel.

Silent Airport

The new terminal building will be a silent building with minimum announcements. All information the guest needs will be displayed in screens around the terminal.

PTB Terminal Building Capacity 20 (MPPA)
CAR PARK Car Parking Capacity 8,000
ATC/RWY Air Traffic Control Tower Height 97m
Runway 4,000 m
APRON STANDS Contact Stand 29
Remote Stand 29
Departure Gates Contact Boarding Gates 29
Bus Boarding 16
CHECK-IN Check-In Counters 96
Self-service check-in kiosks 16
ROP Emigration Counters - Departures 22 & 9 E Gate
Immigration Counters – Arrivals 44 & 10 E Gate
ARRIVAL Arrivals Carousels 8 int’l. & 2 Dom.
TRANSFER Transfer Counters 12
HOTEL Airside Hotel Capacity 90 beds