When it comes to transportation of dangerous goods we at Oman Air Cargo believe that safety plays a crucial role. We have a proven experience in transportation of dangerous goods within our network in full compliance with all IATA regulations. Our staff is highly qualified and experienced in the handling and transportation of dangerous goods with state of the art handling facility at the hub in Muscat International Airport with segregated dangerous goods storage area.


  • Segregated storage area inside our new state of art facility at the hub
  • Consistent handling process and quality standards across the network
  • eServices for easy booking and tracking


Dangerous Goods Storage at Muscat International Airport
The new Cargo terminal at Muscat International Airport has been built to meet industrial standards, it complies with a high-level safety standards, fully equipped with fire alarm system with a direct connection to fire brigade and a temperature controlled area. The facility offers around 228 square-metre storage area for Dangerous Goods with a capacity to handle 90 skids and loose cargo under a safe and isolated environment, segregated from other cargo goods in adherence with health and safety requirements. The ground handling team at Muscat International Airport is proficient and receive on-going training focusing on the safest and most compliant method to handle, store and transport dangerous goods.